About Us

In recent years, there have been a lot of changes in the vegan community. Now more than ever, it is easier to become a vegan. With many more stores and restaurants offering vegan friendly options, the choice is simple to become a vegan.

Hi, my name is Hazel Reed, and I’m the creator of Vegan Purist. I have been a vegan purist for nearly 5 years now, but have been a vegan for over 10 years. What’s the difference I hear you ask? Well, while vegans avoid eating foods derived from animals, or using products from exploited animals, a vegan purist will not partake in, purchase, or use anything that could be linked to the cruelty of animals.

That means if you buy products from a ‘vegan friendly’ company, yet they are owned by a larger conglomerate that tests on animals, then it’s not truly vegan, and a vegan purist such as myself couldn’t purchase it with a guilt free conscience. 

Being vegan is something that happened naturally for me. As a child, as soon as I came to the conclusion that the meat we ate came from the very same loving and sentient creatures I loved to visit at the nearby farm, it was clear to me that harming such animals was not part of my path. 

With the help of my supportive mom (an incredible cook - might I add), we began eating vegetarian meals that were just as tasty, healthy, and interesting, before making the transition into ones that were completely animal cruelty free!

Now, my mission is to make sure veganism is accessible to as many people as possible. I created veganpurist.com to help you find recipes and information that can ensure you too can live an ethical, vegan lifestyle!