20 Amazing Vegan Buckwheat Recipes

Buckwheat is a type of seed from a flowering plant and is considered to be a superfood.

Amazing Vegan Buckwheat Recipes

If you’re looking to experiment with buckwheat, then have a look at these 20 tasty vegan recipes below to get some fresh inspiration.

1. Vegan Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes have become more popular amongst health food lovers in recent years as they are full of nutrients. As buckwheat flour contains no gluten, it’s popular amongst those with gluten intolerances too.

Despite the lack of dairy, these pancakes are still extremely light and fluffy, as well as being high in fiber. Cover and smother your pancakes with any kind of topping you like for a healthy, hearty breakfast.

2. Vegan Buckwheat Waffles

Waffles or pancakes? It’s an age-old dilemma. If you are more of a waffle person, luckily buckwheat waffles are just as good as the real thing and contain no gluten.

By swapping a few of the usual ingredients with dairy-free alternatives, you’ll have a tasty breakfast in no time. Follow this recipe for the perfect crispy waffles that go perfectly with maple syrup and berries.

3. Buckwheat Kasha With Mushrooms And Olives

Buckwheat Kasha is a traditional Eastern European dish made from roasted buckwheat groats. Mushrooms are added to this mixture for a hearty texture and earthy flavor. Black olives are added to the mix for some salty goodness.

This dish can be eaten fresh when it’s nice and hot or as a cold salad, perfect to use up those leftovers.

4. Vegan Buckwheat Crepes

For those that prefer a lighter breakfast idea, why not try these buckwheat crepes? Crepes are a great breakfast as they can be made into a sweet or savory dish depending on the preferences of the person.

With only a few ingredients needed, this recipe couldn’t be easier to do. Top with your favorite fillings and enjoy!

5. Cashew Buckwheat Curry With Garlic Kale

Curries are often healthy, yet filling meals that leave you feeling perfectly satisfied after a long day. Instead of rice, this recipe calls for buckwheat to act as a nice and hearty side to the nutritious and crunchy kale leaves.

The curry is thick and creamy with the help of cashews and coconut milk. If you prefer your curries a little hotter, add a teaspoon of sriracha into the mix for a kick!

6. Sweet Potato Buckwheat Burgers

If you like making your burger patties from scratch, this is the perfect meat-free recipe. Making a great burger patty is all to do with the ingredients.

Here sweet potato, buckwheat, carrots, curry powder, and onion are blended together to form the base of the burger.

The serving suggestion calls for creamy tangy guacamole, red cabbage, and large tomatoes to adorn the burgers encompassed in a light burger bun. Add a spoonful of your favorite condiments and you’ll have the best burger ever.

7. Buckwheat Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are a simple dish that you can make vegan with a few adjustments. These muffins are just as moist and tasty as the standard muffins, with juicy blueberries inside. However, here there are more nutty and earthy flavors from the buckwheat flour.

By using unrefined sugar and natural flavorings, these are much healthier and full of nutrients than a normal blueberry muffin.

8. Easy Vegan Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Warm chocolate chip cookies on a cold winter’s day are the perfect snack to curl up with whilst watching your favorite film. Buckwheat flour is so versatile, which makes it ideal for making cookies with.

You don’t even have to buy a special flower, as you can grind raw buckwheat groats in any normal blender. Add some dark chocolate chips and the wet ingredients and you’ve got yourself a delicious cookie batter.

9. Mushroom And Buckwheat Soup

Everyone needs that one soup recipe in their recipe book that they can always rely on. This mushroom and buckwheat soup is the perfect winter warmer and will definitely help you clear that cold.

Filled with healthy vegetables, earthy mushrooms, and plenty of herbs and spices this soup is so simple yet so tasty. Garnish with chopped parsley and feel the warming goodness in your soul.

10. Roasted Buckwheat Salad

No matter the time of year, sometimes you are just in the mood for a salad. Roasted buckwheat is a great option to make your salad filling, yet super healthy. As it’s gluten-free it’s a great recipe to please all dietary requirements.

The main ingredients of the salad, apart from buckwheat, are carrots and scallions but almost any other vegetables can be added for your ideal salad.

11. Miso Mushroom Buckwheat Risotto

Meaty mushrooms in a warming risotto are one of the best meals after a long day. The hearty flavors and creamy goodness of the meal make you feel comforted and nourished. White miso is added for umami flavors and nutritional yeast makes it super creamy.

Instead of using white wine in this recipe, you can swap it for something similar such as white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

12. Easy Buckwheat Miso Spaghetti

This buckwheat miso spaghetti recipe puts an Asian twist on a classic dinner time favorite. A miso cashew sauce is created with a perfect blend of sweet and salty flavors with a sprinkling of spice.

The buckwheat is incorporated into this recipe through the spaghetti itself. With the addition of healthy vegetables such as mushrooms, cabbage, spinach, and bell peppers this is the perfect healthy dinner.

13. Cold Soba Noodle Salad With Peanut Sauce

Cold buckwheat noodles may not sound appetizing, but this recipe is different. The noodles are coated in a creamy peanut sauce and packed with vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, and cabbage. This simple dish is ideal for a quick lunch on the go.

If you prefer to eat hot food, eat it as soon as it’s out of the pan for a light lunch or dinner.

14. Kale And Red Onion Dhal With Buckwheat

Dhals are usually served with rice, but this recipe replaces rice with buckwheat for a healthier dish. This quick and nutritious meal also contains kale and red onion along with plenty of herbs and spices.

You can easily adjust the heat levels depending on your tastes with the inclusion of the bird’s eye chili seeds.

15. Buckwheat Chia Bread

Making bread can seem like a huge task, but this no-knead recipe couldn’t be easier. With a few simple ingredients, the dough is ready in no time and there is no need to add yeast either.

A slice of this bread with some peanut butter and banana slices will be like a little taste of heaven!

16. 2-Ingredient Buckwheat Pizza Crust

As a vegan, it’s important to learn to make your own pastry-based foods as many shop-bought items aren’t suitable for vegan diets.

Gluten-intolerant individuals will also rejoice with this buckwheat flour pizza crust recipe. With only two ingredients needed, what could be better? Simply combine buckwheat flour and baking powder with water to make a dough.

17. Vegan Pot Pie With Jackfruit

A hearty pie after a long walk on a Sunday sounds like bliss. This jackfruit recipe creates the perfect meaty texture along with a number of vegetables and spices. Buckwheat flour features in the main body of the pie as a thickening agent and as the main component of the pastry crust.

Making the pastry is super simple, but if you’d prefer to use a shop-bought vegan pastry that will work just as well.

18. Soba Gnocchi

Soba gnocchi is gnocchi made from buckwheat as well as potatoes. This dish takes inspiration from both Italian and Japanese cuisines, using the buckwheat to create noodles that represent Japanese soba noodles blended with your favorite pasta sauce and toppings.

Once you’ve made the gnocchi, you can make the dish your own and experiment with the recipe as many times as you like for a healthy dinner.

19. 3-Ingredient Buckwheat Galettes

Buckwheat crepes are a traditional French recipe from the region of Brittany. Made with a few simple ingredients, they are light and delicious. The crepes are naturally vegan, but many French people like to serve them with ham or eggs.

This vegan recipe (see also: 9 Amazing 3 Ingredient Vegan Recipes)utilizes mushrooms, caramelized onions, and parsley instead. Vegan butter can also be added to the top of the fillings to melt and add some salty goodness to the meal.

20. Savory Buckwheat Crepes

When you’re in the mood for a savory snack or perhaps a light lunch, these buckwheat crepes are the perfect option. Made with buckwheat flour, yogurt, and shredded zucchini, these light crepes are traditionally found in India and are known as ‘Kuttu Chilla’.

The crepes can be served with any number of toppings that you like, but here the serving suggestions include coconut chutney or an Indian cilantro and coriander chutney. Although these are small and light, they contain a ton of nutrients and are super healthy.

Final Thoughts

There you have our 20 amazing vegan buckwheat recipes(see also: 20 Amazing Vegan Trader Joe’s Recipes)! With so many recipes to try out, you can plan something delicious for every meal.

20 Amazing Vegan Buckwheat Recipes

Amazing Vegan Buckwheat Recipes

Buckwheat is a healthy and nutritious alternative to many wheat-based products. Here are the best vegan buckwheat recipes you need to try today.


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