14 Amazing Vegan Ninja Foodi Recipes

Do you want a new vegan recipe for your Ninja Foodi? Perhaps you have just had a Ninja Foodi and aren’t sure what to make with it? Or are you curious about vegan cooking and want to know more? Whatever the reason is that brought you here, we have the answers for you!

Amazing Vegan Ninja Foodi Recipes

Finding a vegan recipe to use in your Ninja Foodi can be tricky, especially if you aren’t used to cooking vegan food in a Ninja Foodi.

You head online for some inspiration and guidance but are met with pages and pages of conflicting advice and recipes. Frustrated and overwhelmed, you wonder if you will ever find the vegan recipe of your dreams.

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers you need. Keep reading to see 14 amazing vegan Ninja Foodi recipes (see also: 20 Amazing Vegan Sourdough Discard Recipes)that you can make at home. We are sure to have a recipe for everyone, so no matter your preferences, get ready to find your dream recipe now!

1. Baked Potatoes

First up, we have these delicious baked potatoes. Cooking them in your Ninja Foodi is far quicker than in your oven, but you still get crispy skin and soft, buttery potato on the inside! In just thirty minutes, your potatoes are ready to enjoy.

Plus, baked potatoes are a wonderful staple for vegans. Top with beans, chili, curry, or anything you want! Just don’t forget to season your potato with some vegan butter or black pepper before piling on your toppings.

2. Taco Crunchwrap

Do you want to satisfy your Taco Bell cravings as a vegan? Then use your Ninja Foodi’s air fryer setting to make this delicious vegan crunchwrap! Not only is the recipe easy to follow, but it is packed full of tips that will help you become a wrap-making pro!

Make sure you wrap slowly and don’t be disappointed if yours doesn’t look perfect, it will still taste fantastic! What we love about this recipe is how much you can pack in a wrap. It’s great for using up any veggies or salad you have in your refrigerator.

3. Oil-Free Brownies

Your Ninja Foodi can also make fantastic desserts. These oil-free brownies are the perfect size for a snack or mid-week treat. Plus, they are oil-free and gluten-free!

They are super quick to make, taking just 30 minutes. That is no time at all to have a delicious brownie made and waiting for you!

You can also add any of your favorite toppings to the brownies! We think vegan chocolate chips, hazelnuts, or chopped pecans work well, but you could add anything you want to create tasty brownies.

4. Tofu And Potato Scramble

This tofu and potato scramble is the perfect breakfast to make in your Ninja Foodi! Simply fire up the air fryer setting and in four easy steps, you can enjoy a delicious scramble that is vegan-friendly!

The recipe does take over half an hour, so it might not be the perfect recipe to make when you are in a rush. But if you have some extra time in the morning, it is worth a try! If you don’t have broccoli, we found swapping it for spinach works just as well!

5. Smoky Chickpeas

These chickpeas are packed full of flavor and are wonderful to serve on their own as a snack, or to add to a meal!

If you have previously found chickpeas bland, then this is the recipe for you! Not only are chickpeas affordable, but after mastering this recipe you will see how diverse they are!

Just make sure you have your Ninja Foodi on its air fryer setting and you are good to go!

6. Black Bean, Quinoa, And Sweet Potato Stew

A stew? In your Ninja Foodi? Yes, you read that right! This black bean, quinoa, and sweet potato stew is the perfect recipe to make on a cold day. Not only does it use up items in your pantry, but it is sure to warm you up.

Use the slow cooker setting on your Ninja Foodi to make this simple, yet delicious stew. We recommend making a big batch too, so you can live off the leftovers for a few days.

The stew can even be frozen if you prefer, giving you a quick and easy meal when you are short on time.

7. Pumpkin, Chickpea, And Red Lentil Curry

Again, crank the slow cooker setting on your Ninja Foodi! This curry is absolutely delicious and is a good way to use up any pumpkins you might have.

Not only is it vegan, but gluten-free too, making it a wonderful dish to serve with friends and family with any intolerances.

It does take a few hours to make, so we recommend making the curry early in the morning. That way, when dinner time rolls around, it is ready to go!

Don’t worry, if the curry seems thin at the start, it thickens over time. You just need to trust the process!

8. Popcorn Tofu

Why not make this crispy and wonderful chicken alternative in your Ninja Foodi?

This popcorn tofu is so tasty, you will forget that you aren’t eating chicken nuggets! It’s a great recipe to make with children too, although they might need a helping hand from you.

You can adjust the quantity of sriracha used in the mayo too if you want. For those that like a milder dip, we recommend halving the sriracha quantity. And if you like it a little spicier, why not add a tablespoon more?

9. Portobello Mushroom Pizzas

This recipe shows you how to make tasty pizzas using the air fryer function on your Ninja Foodi. But these are pizzas with a twist, using a portobello mushroom as your base! We know, it sounds a little odd, but trust us, this is a pizza like no other!

They are packed full of flavor, with a juicy and almost meaty taste to them. Plus, you can top your pizza however you want. We love adding some peppers and onions to our pizzas with some hummus. You can also use vegan cheese if you prefer.

10. Fried Ravioli

This unique take on ravioli is one you won’t want to be without! It’s the perfect meal or snack, served with a tasty marinara dipping sauce.

What’s more, you can use fresh or frozen ravioli, allowing you to customize the dish to what you have in your home!

Use the air fryer setting on your Ninji Foodi to create this tasty pasta dish. You can expect your ravioli to be crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside, seasoned with some tasty oregano and basil.

11. BBQ Soy Curls

Next, we have these tasty BBQ soy curls that are the perfect side dish. A wonderful alternative to chicken, you get plenty of tangy and sweet flavor from the BBQ sauce.

The curls can be served on their own or added to your favorite chicken dishes.

It’s a great way to test the waters with vegan dishes. You won’t even know you aren’t eating meat! Plus, your Ninja Foodi will get these nice and crispy in no time!

12. Vegan Slow Cooker Pinto Bean Enchiladas

Use the slow cooker function on your Ninja Foodi to create these tasty enchiladas!

Made with pinto beans, the sauce can be cooked in your Foodi before being added to the wraps. Wrapping them can take a little patience, especially if you haven’t made them before, but don’t panic!

Go slow and you can enjoy these delicious enchiladas in no time! They are wonderful served on their own or with a side of crispy fries.

13. No Oil Fries

Perhaps the first thing every Ninja Foodi makes is fries, so why not try this recipe for delicious fries without the need for any oil?

Thanks to the air fryer function on your Foodi, you can enjoy crispy fries that are soft on the inside.

Season them however you like, but we think smoked paprika and garlic work brilliantly. Ro crank up the spice, after all, they are your fries! If you aren’t sure how best to season them, stick to the recipe and you won’t go wrong!

14. Air Fried Pickles

Finally, we have this delicious pickles recipe that you need to try! One last time, crank your Ninja Foodi to its air fryer setting and make these crunchy and tasty pickles. They don’t need loads of oil either, so you can enjoy a dill pickle without the excess grease!

Plus, the recipe walks you through a delicious horseradish dipping sauce that you will go wild for!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, fourteen amazing vegan Ninja Foodi recipes you need to try (see also: 9 Amazing Vegan Hawaiian Recipes)! Whether you want a quick and crispy snack, a saucy meal, or some delicious side dishes, we hope you have found what you are looking for today.

Don’t forget to make use of our tips and tricks to create delicious vegan meals in your Ninja Foodi that everyone will love!

14 Amazing Vegan Ninja Foodi Recipes

Amazing Vegan Ninja Foodi Recipes

Are you looking for a vegan Ninja Foodi recipe? Check out our 14 amazing vegan Ninja Foodi recipes today!


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