20 Amazing Vegan Recipes With Miso

If you’re looking for some tasty vegan miso recipes, then look no further.

Amazing Vegan Recipes With Miso

We have you covered from lunch to dinner, from dinner to dessert with this collection of recipes.

1. 15-Minute Miso Soup With Greens And Tofu

Everyone needs a quick and easy vegan miso soup under their belt. There is nothing better on a cold winter’s day than the warming flavors packed with plenty of fresh greens and tofu to make each spoonful packed with protein and nutrients.

2. Vegan Miso Ramen

Ramen is a traditional Japanese dish that is good for the soul. The rich vegetable broth is packed with flavor, and the noodles keep you nice and full for the rest of the day.

Making a delicious bowl of ramen in the comfort of your own home is super easy with this recipe.

Although miso is the key element to the dish, you can mix it up easily with several different herbs, spices, and vegetables.

3. Vegan Miso Mushroom Pasta

Although that may sound a little odd considering miso is usually associated with Asian cooking, we promise that this recipe will change your mind.

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food, so adding mushrooms and miso is a no-brainer to add umami.

Served with some toasted hazelnuts and some fresh parsley on top, this is the ideal dish to impress your guests and mix up your regular pasta routine.

4. To-Go Miso Noodle Soup

When life is really busy, it can be difficult to ensure that you have a nutritious meal on the go.

With this recipe, all your ingredients are neatly layered in a mason jar or travel container so you just need to add some boiling water when suitable and it’s ready to eat!

Containing only a few simple ingredients, it’s a cheap meal that you can easily make in the morning before heading out the door. Plus, you know it’s full of healthy veggies and protein.

5. Vegan Miso Brownies With Hot Fudge Sauce

Vegan brownies are already a winner, so when the salty tastes of miso paste are added with a hot fudge sauce there’s no comparison.

Sweet and salty combinations are something you need to wrap your head around, but we promise it tastes amazing.

The brownies are perfectly soft with a great bite and the hot fudge sauce contains a great amount of dark chocolate to balance out the flavors. Serve with ice cream and enjoy.

6. Vegan Miso Glazed Eggplant

All vegans will know the importance of the humble eggplant in their diet. There are so many things you can do with one vegetable, it’s unsurprising that this delicious miso-glazed eggplant recipe is so popular.

Traditionally known as Nasu Dengaku, the charred eggplant has a sweet and salty miso glaze with hints of ginger and sugar. Serve alongside a portion of sticky rice for a fantastic meal.

7. Miso Chocolate Cake

Miso flavors have slowly worked their way into baked goods as part of recent food trends. This moist and tasty chocolate cake is no different. However, it contains no sugar and is completely keto and vegan-friendly.

A maple and dark chocolate frosting also contains a little miso flavoring to carry on the flavors and perfectly complement the chocolate base. With the use of only natural sweeteners, it’s a low-calorie treat that everyone will love.

8. Miso Tofu Steaks

Tofu can take some time for new vegans to get used to. If you’re struggling with this, then these tofu steaks will become your new favorite dish.

Served on a bed of rice with some fresh green vegetables, this is perfect for a weeknight dinner.

The tofu steak pieces are coated in a wonderful blend of miso, peanut butter, and several herbs and spices for an incredible flavor. The steaks are marinated in this coating before being baked or fried.

9. Orecchiette With Creamy Carrot Miso Sauce

Orecchiette is a type of pasta that works perfectly with a creamy sauce. This creamy carrot and miso sauce is a welcome change to a standard tomato sauce.

Packed with nutrients and with a silky texture, the sweet and tangy flavors will leave you wanting more.

Gremolata can be added to the top if desired. A final touch of crunchy toasted bread crumbs finishes off the dish nicely.

10. Vegan Miso Butter Fried Rice

When we have a bunch of random vegetables sitting in the fridge that we don’t want to waste, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect dish to use them in. This vegan butter fried rice is just the answer!

With plenty of flavor from the miso paste, you can add any vegetables you like to your wok and cook away. Add your favorite protein source and season with plenty of soy sauce before tucking in.

11. Miso Gochujang Peanut Tofu Stir Fry

A stir-fry is the perfect midweek dinner option as it’s so simple and quick.

This Korean-inspired take-out dish is made up of a spicy peanut sauce that contains miso paste and gochujang. Use up any pesky leftover vegetables and serve on a bed of white sticky rice.

12. Kale Chickpea Stir-Fry With Miso Dressing

Sticking with the stir-fries, this is one that you may not often see. Seldom are protein-packed chickpeas used in stir-fries, but here they are paired with a delicious sweet and smoky sauce that has hints of peanuts and miso flavors.

Serve your stir-fry with a handful of noodles, a cup of rice, or on a bed of roasted potatoes for a complete and hearty meal.

13. Vegan Salted Miso Blondies

Blondies are basically the vanilla cousin of the brownie and we already know miso goes great with brownies.

These sweet and salty blondies are stuffed with chunks of white and dark chocolate that will melt in your mouth. It’s easy to make this recipe vegan (see also: 20 Amazing Vegan Fondue Recipes)with a few non-dairy alternatives.

14. Spicy Miso Peanut Butter Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Whether you serve this as a showstopping side dish or use it to pack out your main course, this miso gochujang glazed cauliflower is a winner.

The marinade of this dish does contain a lot of ingredients that will have you running to your local Asian supermarket, but we promise it’s worth it.

15. Double Mushroom Miso Soup

Mushrooms make for a great meaty texture in a soup and give you plenty of hearty goodness.

Making soup isn’t as complicated as it sounds and this vegan, low-fat soup is no different. The earthy flavors of the mushrooms combined with the sweet and salty miso broth are the perfect combination of flavors for a cold windy day.

16. Creamy Vegan Miso Mushroom Risotto

A creamy risotto is the perfect comfort food when you’re feeling chilly or a little down.

The umami flavors packed in with the added miso paste is something that really elevates this dish and makes it more interesting than a normal risotto.

Any kind of mushrooms can be added to this dish as well as extra vegetables if you feel like it for a balanced and healthy meal.

17. Ginger Miso Soba Soup

A ginger miso soba soup bowl is basically a tasty soup with a ton of fresh vegetables and noodles if you prefer. This is a great soup to make if you’re feeling under the weather or are just looking to boost your nutrients a little.

The flavors from the miso paste, ginger, and garlic melt into the soup broth which makes the end of the bowl the perfect thing to slurp! Which is actually a sign of a good meal in some Asian cultures.

18. Miso Mushroom Bowl

One bowl recipes are the best, everything can be tossed together and there is minimal washing up.

This miso mushroom bowl is served on a bed of brown rice, which is a much healthier alternative, and topped with a number of fresh vegetables.

The miso part comes from the miso ginger dressing that can also be used on anything else you fancy.

19. Crispy Miso Chickpea Bowls

Crispy chickpeas are cooked in a tasty sesame and miso paste with plenty of seasonings.

The chickpeas are served on a bed of your preferred grain such as rice or quinoa and topped with a simple yet tasty dressing along with chopped peanuts and vegetables.

For extra flavor, try the ginger garlic miso dressing at the bottom of the recipe which will knock your socks off!

20. Miso Glazed Root Vegetables

Roasted root vegetables on the table indicate that fall is here and the food is about to become a whole lot more hearty.

No matter what you serve with these miso glazed root vegetables, you’ll please the whole dinner table with this recipe.

You’ll only need a few simple ingredients to make the glaze, but it will really elevate the dish and change things up a bit. Use any mix of root vegetables you like and have some fun with it.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, the best vegan miso recipes(see also: 14 Amazing Vegan Ninja Foodi Recipes). With so many delicious recipes to keep you busy, you better get started!

20 Amazing Vegan Recipes With Miso

Amazing Vegan Recipes With Miso

Miso is a traditional Japanese paste. Get inspired to experiment with sweet and salty miso flavors using this collection of 20 delicious vegan recipes.


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